Pig Busters

Pig Busters Complaint

Approximately 3 months ago, I was a member of www.tagged.com I had created a profile based on sense of humour. Shortly after creating it I received threats from a member belonging to the group SCAM BUSTERS (www.tagged.com/scambusters) and a site called pigbusters (www.pigbusters.net). The threat said that my profile was fake/had fake friends and that it will be reported to tagged administration. Since I set up this profile with NO ill intent, I was surprised at this! More so I was surprised that the reason of the threat was that because it included a friend who supposedly had many fake sites! I happened to be messaging this friend and he never indicated that he had such activities! Low and behold, the next day I received a message from [protected]@tagged.com notifying me that they had deleted my account. I was very surprised at this and immediately thought that this member had reported my profile and tagged.com deleted my account without investigating the matter! In my profile I had information that could have proved that my account was innocent. Even if my friend was indeed a faker, how am I supposed to know who is a fake or not? Tagged, in my opinion is full of scams and spam which makes you wonder about their real activity. Pigbusters”s website suggest that its supported by donations and also charges $9.95 for a support call service (www.pigbusters.net/CallCenter.htm), and for having email accounts with them. In an email to tagged, I asked them why they had deleted my account and their reply was: Hello, Your account was removed as spam. We will not reinstate it. Sincerely, Tagged Customer Support I then sent them the following email: Hello, That is a big surprise as I never sent any spam! Did you check if my profile was cloned or hacked prior to making your decision? If not can you please forward me the spam message/s that I am alleged to have sent? Thank you I never received a reply! CONCLUSION I had joined pigbusters briefly to gather more information and from what I found, I have reasons to believe that tagged.com allows members of pigbusters to promote their website through comments they place on tagged.com and even have tags designed by them with the word “pigbsuters” . If one reads tagged terms and policies this is against their own regulations. Since tagged.com never investigated the reports against my profile I am lead to believe that they give Pigbusters an authority to regulate their site. I find the action from both tagged.com and Pigbusters to be highly unethical if not illegal. I am able to send more proof to support my complaint. Thank you Regards OL

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