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The Powerhouse Gym in San Jacinto has a number of things going for it, and a few things against it. We are current members, having joined a couple months ago. So far, our experiences: Pros: 1. Not overcrowded. 2. Has a lap pool and jacuzzi. 3. Has outdoor basketball courts. 4. Has a steam room. Cons: 1. Staff, when owner is not around, act like they just don”t give a damn if you have a complaint issue. 2. Basketball courts very poorly maintained. I approached the owner of the facility, 3 days ago, to complain that the basketball nets never are repaired. Weeks go by and nothing is done to fix the broken netting. He told me he likes to know about these things, but as of today, still, nothing has been done to repair the nets… Walk around the basketball court perimeter and it looks like the county landfill…the place hasn”t been cleaned up in months. It is like they are happy to market a basketball court facility, to get your money, but then do nothing to keep it up. I also approached one of the staff, a guy with a Brewers baseball cap on, to complain about the nets. I asked, “Who runs the maintenance?” He said, ” I can”t tell you that”. I said that the basketball netting is not being maintained. He just looked at me like he could give a crap, and then went on to continue flirting with some girl he was talking to…You would think this place would hire someone up front that would actually give a damn and act like he cared that he represents the place, and has a job. Another staff member looked at my wife one day and said, ” Are you expecting?”. My wife is not, and that was such an insensitive comment it made my wife cry. Another example of putting the wrong personnel in place to represent the company. We did speak to the owner, who in turn, had the employee apologize. Thank you for that. Generally, I am not a complainer about places..I adapt. But, I don”t like being lied to. I don”t like being told it will be taken care of, and then nothing happens…I mean, how much does a freaking basketball net cost?…How much does a decent maintenance man cost? How much does it cost to put personnel in the front desk that are actually happy they have a job, and are happy to try to make a place the best it can be? Apparently here, the cost is too high…

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  1. Dirk Pigat
    June 17, 2020

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