Pretends to be from GE Capital

Pretends to be from GE Capital

I was contacted first by Alexander Jones who said he was from GE Capital Bank. He informed me that I was approved for a loan for $1500. He called me on Friday – January 10, 2013 telling me that I needed to verify my account. No mention of a green dot moneypak was mentioned. It was a computer verification. When I gave them the name of my bank, they said it wasn’t on their list…in comes the green dot moneypak request. $300 and as soon as funds were verified I could get the money back off the moneypak. Being sort of suspect, I called who told me the money was not on the card, it had been transferred to a prepaid visa card. The explanation (sort of plausible) that was given was that the loan was on hold because of my credit rating. They certainly knew what lingo to use to sound ever so slightly legit. But because my credit score needed help, I would need to get another green-dot moneypak to repair my credit in the amount of $220. The call that followed was all was good and reprocessing needed to be done and wire transfer would happen. This is when I should have gotten wise. I got yet another call saying that because they were reprocessing my loan, I needed another $300 green-dot moneypak. I fell for that one hook, line, and sinker. But their repeated phone calls, faxes! and assurances fooled me. Last but not least, I was told because of the loan amount, I needed to pay insurance for $150. But I was to rest assured that my wire would be for the initial $1500, + the green dot moneypak amounts of $750. I couldn’t be reimbursed for the credit repair one for $220. They even called me on my cell at home last night to say my transfer would occur after midnight! So my stupidity has made me leery of any technological advances in the way of financial management. Also, the phone number which they called from and I was told to use was 1-646-929-4478. If I call this number, they are still answering it GE Capital. They must have a list of names to use with certain people that they are scamming, because one day Alexander may be there and the next he doesn’t work there anymore. Every other person that contacted me about a loan, if I tried their number it was a non-working number. I immediately considered that a scam. Why I didn’t see the writing on this wall before I got in so deep. I guess desperation sometimes rules. Last week or the week before that I had a call both on home phone and cell phone from “GE Capital” only this time, not in New York, but in Florida saying I was approved for a personal loan.. I demand My money back. Stay away

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