Prime Factor Capital

Prime Factor Capital Complaint

As far as I understand, Prime Factor Capital is a small crypto fund based in London, United Kingdom. Their team consists of three people only and… that’s all I know so far because these guys didn’t make a single effort to provide something else that would help investors make a decision. There can be just one decision: not to invest for lack of information. They state that any material presented on their poorly designed website is for professional clients. Do you think professional clients are different and what you provided on the website is enough for them to form an opinion on how great and reliable you are? I am an investor and I don’t understand anything, I need more materials, it’s definitely not enough, I don’t even know how to contact them to ask questions. They have a contact form, but whoever uses t in the 21st century, everybody knows it’s the lamest way to contact people. And the most ineffective one. Oh god…

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