Professional Resort Solutions

Professional Resort Solutions

PRS set up a very professional seminar in New Bern, NC to which we were invited. They spoke and also had a Powerpoint presentation on their company and the process of getting us out of our timesare. They guaranteed they could transfer our timeshare in a year or less and that if they didn’t, they would pick up the maintenance fees until the property did transfer. They were selective of what timeshare companies they would consider. Ours is Wyndham and was acceptable. Everything seemed very professional (copies of title, estoppel documents, etc.) until I reached the 1 year threshold. Then I began to get the run-around whenever I called. The story of why the property was still requiring me to pay the fees changed every time I called. I have recently been contacted by another company that has warned me about Pacific Transfer which seems to be the transfer company handling my property. I have been told that they used to be legitimate, but that they have found that they make more money by NOT closing on the properties and just keeping the money entrusted to them. I will be filing a complaint with the NC Attorney General’s office and with the credit card company I used to pay the fee. I probably will also call Lifelock and see where that plays into the picture.. I demand money returned. Stay away

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