ProPay Review

Propay collects fees for a transaction like other processing companies, however unlike other processors, if you have a return you can not refund the customer the full amount without adding funds to your Propay account because the fees charged by propay are not canceled. YOU pay the fees regardless of the any refund. I even had two transactions that processed and then propay put a hold on the transactions. Even though the funds from transactions were never released (completed) I had to pay the fees. The fees were not available in my account at the time the transaction were voided so they took money from my checking account to pay the fees. Lots of heart burn with these guys, but still continued use them as an alternative for those people who refused to use PAYPAL Well, The last straw finally came July 24, 2009, without prior notice, Propay said they were going to indefinitely hold $5000.00 in my account to pay POSSIBLE charge backs in the future. I am a small business and $5000 in inventory loss is a substantial problem. I would have to barrow $5000, pay interest 12%, and while my $5000 is just on hold.

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