I signed up with Anthony Morrison to make lots of money using the internet as a affiliate marketer. The next day I received a call from prospering offering me one on one coaching to teach me how to make tons of money on the internet. So far they have taken $2,000 dollars from me and they have not taught me any way to make money on the internet. Its all a big scam. I demand I want my $2,000 back. I don’t recommend them

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Right Click Capital Management Complaint

As far as I understand Right Click Capital is a part of another company named Draper Venture Network. Correct me if I’m wrong. It

CarComputer Exchange

CarComputer Exchange INCOMPETENT COMPANY!! Cary North Carolina!!. This company claims to sell rebuilt computers for cars and trucks

Beck’s Furniture Complaint

BUYER BEWARE! The absolute worst experience and place to buy furniture. Bought our furniture over 4 months ago and dint recirve until

Capstone Properties Complaint

Capstone properties sucks – they are totally out of touch with their customers-they snare you into a legal document with no way out!

Chess Trending

Chess Trending Scammed $500+ from me – STAY AWAY – Cairo!!. After sending me his ID verification I went ahead and sold

Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC

Chevrolet Division of General Motors LLC aka Chevy Chevrolet Employing misleading advertising of incentives Nationwide!!. Chevrolet, in