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Public Surplus has essentially shut my business down by restricting my ability to place bids on items that my customers have requested. The reason for this restriction is based sloely on the fact that an auction awarded over the Christmas Holiday was unable to be paid for due to the selling agency being off for the holiday so tge result is that my business is punished and now cannot make any purchases or buds effectively shutting our doors. Without the resources available with Public Surplus we cannot meet our customer requests. In fact after purchasing 15-20, 000.00 in products over the prior 8 months I was told by the support person that if i wanted the restrictions removed O could pay a fee. That under CALIFORNIA law is extortion and Tortious Interference. If I can pay a fee to have a restriction removed then it also could be removed with the proper supporting documents certifying the reason why a payment has not be submitted to a seller withon the 5 day window. No matter what I have brought to the table in this issues I get the same garbage in and garbage out from a company who refuses to even answer their phones to resolve issues.

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  1. Kerstin Spegal
    June 13, 2020

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