QVC Complaint

A few months ago we watched in horror as someone began fraudulently ordering laptops from our QVC account. And we were lucky that we watch our account like a hawk. We notified QVC about what was happening on the day that it happened. QVC assured us the account was frozen but over the next few days laptops ordered were still appearing on our account. We closed our bank cards and froze the QVC accounts. We thought that might be the end of it. Months later we received a noticed from a collection agency that we needed to pay for the laptops. Surely there had to some mixup. We figured easy fix, we”ll just contact QVC and we can resolve this. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every time we call to try and resolve the matter, the representatives tell us “sorry, this is a corporate matter, someone will call you within the week.” A week goes by and no one calls. This pattern has happened for a number of subsequent weeks. When we ask to speak to a supervisor, they say not possible. My wife loves QVC. Has been a loyal customer for years. And now, is being told we will never be able to order from them again. Anyone rational person who spends 1/2 minute and looks at our credit history, our spending habits with QVC would easily surmise that we would not fraudulently charge laptops from them. Shame on you QVC! We”re just trying to get this matter rectified so we can become the valued customers we were before. Since we cannot seem to reach anyone who will help US, we have no other recourse at this point to contact you through our attorneys. Great job turning loyal customers into staunch advocates against dealing with you!

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