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Our mission at Level Wellness, LLC is to create a safe, compassionate, authentic and caring environment where the clinician acts as a guide in helping the clients to make empowered decisions about their individual lives. We assist individuals in recognizing the strengths they already have and find creative ways to utilize these gifts in overcoming currents issues that prevent them from feeling fully empowered. At Level Wellness, LLC we know that an individual is always growing personally and healing is always happening. Sometimes each of us needs support and guidance in our journey. Level Wellness, LLC was founded in St. PetersburgR. Brian Pippinger is the owner and primary therapist at Level Wellness, LLC. Brian brings years of professional experience in a variety of settings with a multitude of populations including children, adolescents currently on probation with the Department of Juvenile Justice, adult men with persistent and severe mental illness, at-risk women and many othersMany people seek therapy when things have become unmanageable in their lives at home, school and/or at work. However, you don’t need to wait until things get to that point. Therapy is about having an unbiased third party help present what you’re going through in different terms and giving you tools to think and behave differently.

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