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At Infinity Counseling, LLC we focus on you, how you think, and how you want to live your life. Exploring early life events, current life events, and your thoughts you and your therapist discover how thoughts and behaviors are related, relationships are connected, how your current communication style influences how you relate with others, coping techniques in place that might be holding you down, and – best of all – how to live your fullest life! These sessions are for you; other than a form or two to occasionally sign (consent, releases, etc.) you will be the center of attention, no computer, no phone, and no distractions. We believe in being fully present and attentive to our clients. This philosophy is applied to a wide range of topics and concerns. We are here to support you, help you sift through your concerns and issues, and to help build strength and resiliency that helps you live the life you want. We are holistic – helping you realize the total person you are through natural strengths, developing positive support systems, and maximizing your given abilities.

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