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Our life journey is all about the ups and downs, the unforeseeable paths that throw us off balance. Have you felt there is no hope or no end to your troubles? Have you been in pieces in your relationships due to finances, infidelity, work issues, and constant arguments? How many of us are quietly unhappy and lonely in our relationships? Why do I wake up sad and alone and cannot explain it? Things that I enjoyed before don’t bring any joy. Children seem to be adding stress to the family dynamics. Why am I not able to control my anger? The life cycle changes add to the daily stress. How do I shift from where I am stuck?How many of us understand the emotional processes in our relationships? It is not easy to deal with anger, criticism, fear, shame, addictions. I help my clients become aware of the triggering factors and what lies underneath those emotions. Healing each person to bring about awareness is my goal.Awareness helps us avoid getting triggered whether it is in our personal relationship or at work. Taking a step back and avoiding the vicious spiral is something we can all do if we are guided in this process by a trained professional who is empathic and non-judgmental. Underneath it all we are all the same and you are not alone.

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