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I am a double Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in providing high levels of care while keeping my patients working and fulfilling their daily responsibilities I work with a multidisciplinary treatment team, consisting of psychologists, marital and family therapists, nutritionists, DBT skills trainers, acupuncturists, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists that offer an array of clinical services I believe in treating the person as a whole, addressing the mind, the body and the spirit I specialize in complicated and difficult cases, especially cases that have had great trouble achieving success in other settingsI have devoted my career to treating addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and depression These are complex disorders that require focused care in the appropriate setting My entire practice has been built around providing the specialized care for these conditions, with attention to detail for the specific needs of my patientsHaving a multidisciplinary treatment team, I am able provide a broader range of clinical services than other traditional outpatient offices We offer structured full and part time outpatient programs for the treatment of addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and depression These programs allow you to receive comprehensive treatment without missing work

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