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WORST LANDLORD EVER. We moved into this location two years ago. The house was rented cheap because of an eviction that had happened previously – we had to patch holes in plaster walls, put doors back on their hinges and clean out mounds of garbage. We managed to stay there because of financial difficulties and promises for renovations by the landlord, Randy Dalton. NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. The clawfoot bathtub”s plumbing rotted out, and they would not fix the leak. The locks never set properly, leaving our house exposed. When the gas inspector came in (finally, after a month of complaining to Union Gas) he commented that the boiler had holes in it and it has been leaking CO into our home whenever the heat was on. The boiler had not been inspected despite our requests and it could have killed us. Randy will not return any phone calls or emails or letters about fixing anything at all. Do not rent from this man or his company, you will never see anything done or be contacted back. We are taking him to the tenant board. There are proof photos!

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