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I believe that creativity is an innate quality of all human beings. My purpose as a creative counselor is to help you explore and incorporate your creative capacity for change in your life. I believe you have a unique voice. When unleashed from fear of expressing it is a powerful catalyst for the transformation you want for yourself and changes you want to create in your life. I have found this to be true in my experience as a musician, vocal coach and counselor. Through “expressive voice therapy” my clients get in touch with hidden aspects of themselves, process memories and experiences, and develop insights. This encompasses a full range of options including telling your story, journaling, lyric/song writing, free vocal improvisation, sound and movement, toning, singing, guided imagery meditation, and performance.I incorporate several modalities to treat issues such as depression, anxiety, etc. to meet you where you are. Within each of us is potential‚Äîa dream of possibility, like a piece of writing yet unwritten or an artwork beyond our current imagining. I look forward to assisting you in discovering and using your voice to create positive change in your life!

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