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Do you miss the “fun times” as a family? Do you ‘tense up’ on the way home from work expecting the worse? Do you worry about your child’s future? If you answered yes to these, read on. I enjoy working with children, teens and their family members to help provide improved communication with less yelling, screaming and tension in the home. Teens who seem unable to talk to others seem to enjoy speaking to me because I listen to what they have to say without being judgemental and more importantly I always look for something positive they have been able to do.I specialize with the hard to reach children and teens! I encourage them to talk at their pace while also helping their parents learn effective methods to engage as well. I try to provide the support the family needs to succeed. Consistency and communication is KEY! Parents learn what TACOS means. This changes your relationship.A lot of the children I speak to feel comfortable with me as my style of therapy allows them to dictate where the session goes. I tend to incorporate music lyrics in sessions as this greatly reduces the child’s stress level while allowing them to project some of their feelings onto others.

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