This company offered a free trial only pay to ship for $4.99. They do not mention anything about automatic monthly reoccurrences. Then I was charged $89.92 for 8 months. There is no phone number or email or web address to contact anyone to talk to this about or end the occurrences. This is a scam. NEVER EVER do the free trial. AND the product is crap.. I demand My money back. Stay away

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Carquest Auto Parts Complaint

Bought this paint, supposedly mixed in store. And it didn”t set up right. I used the right amount of hardener, I”ve used this

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Auctionbay sold me three large items. When I went to get a vehicle to transport the items home, they sold them again to a second party.

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Began dealing with them when they were called crafty Branding, purchased a logo for a set package fee then later they charged me $330 for

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Binding Estimate was given by Budget Van Lines and it was woefully inadequate based on the moving company they sent to pick up the goods.

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Absolutely appalling service, a disgrace and a con. Even though I was within the time before expiry of my last licence they refused after