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Can’t seem to communicate with your spouse or significant other? You have a great relationship, but lately you do more arguing than getting along. It’s hard to remember the last time you were out on a date or had an enjoyable conversation with each other and your sex life is definitely suffering. You can’t seem to figure out how you got here, but despite this, you want to make things work. You really love each other and were once really happy, You’re not ready to give up on the relationship and although you’d rather avoid couples counseling, nothing else seems to be working. Getting couples counseling can be humbling. Maybe you’re thinking the therapist is going to take your partner’s side, point out everything you are doing wrong, make you feel blamed and shameful. I’d like to think that I am nothing like that. In fact, I like my couples’ therapy sessions to be fun, playful and informative. I see myself more as a coach. I enjoy getting to know the stories of the couples that I meet and learning about what’s made them a good team. I’m supportive in helping my couples through whatever that might entail, but it’s most fulfilling when I see couples facing situations they didn’t think they could, working through challenges and getting back on track.

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