Retail Card Closeouts

Retail Card Closeouts

In December of 2014 I received a piece of mail from a company calling themselves Retail Card Closeouts (RCC). The letter contained several cardstock “tickets” about 3 3/4 inch x 8 1/2 inch in size. The company called these “Gift Card Grab Bag Tickets” and claimed “You will receive $2,000 worth of Major Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, Travel Vouchers & More! ….All For Only $100”. The “tickets” were numbered, color printed on the front, and on the back contained precise instructions including a 24-hour information telephone number (1-800-683-3162) and Legal Agreement/ Satisfaction Guarantee. Retail Card Closeouts also released a “press release” online, basically saying the same thing as what was on the “Grab Bag Ticket”… All in all, everything looked legit. The only “catch” was that you had to redeem your tickets by December 31 and that RCC would sell your mailing info for marketing purposes. Deciding I would give it a shot, I “redeemed” two separate Gift Card Grab Bag Tickets for $100 each, following the directions exactly including the Dec. 31 postmark deadline. What Did I Receive For $200.00 USD??? A $5 Starbucks gift card and a letter saying that “This year has been a record year for redemptions so we apologize for any delay. You Gift Card Grab Bag with over $2,000 worth of Gift Cards and more will arrive to you: Between JAN. 15, 2015 to JAN. 20, 2015” It is now March 2, 2015 and I have not received squat! (other than another direct-mail piece asking for more money! Why on Earth would I “buy” another product from you when you screwed me the first time!!) Anyways… At the end of the day I believe that any person that “redeemed” a “2014 Gift Card Grab Bag Ticket” from a company called Retail Card Closeouts probably lost their money. I also don’t believe that there is even a company in FL called Retail Card Closeouts. The address on their mail (4630 S. Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL 32811) is the address to the UPS Store who will print and mail your scam mail for you. The actual sleezebags behind this are probably out in CA somewhere. Here is all the contact info I have: 1-407-218-6637, 1-800-557-9645, FAX 1-800-241-4370, DO NOT DO Business with Retail Card Closeouts or RCC!. I demand Full Refund (USD, not worthless vouchers!). Stay away

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