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Re: Today (05/21/2007) we received a letter from a collection agency that responds to the name of “RMCB” (retrieval masters creditors bureau, Inc) on this letter, whoever is in charge of the reviewing of any bill and the veracity of their contents, is not doing a good job at all. 1. According to RMCB, my wife order a membership for 24 months, with a value of $24.00 dollars per months for a total of 2 years. 2. According with RMCB, we have an account # [protected], and the date when we placed that order, was May 18, 2006. 3. Finally, RMBC states that, they have been trying to reach us several times, without any luck. Now, all those three points above are absolutely NO TRUE!! The real facts are: 1. Around May or June of 2006, we received an OFFER from the Cooking Club. in the mail. We saw a card, and more adds about this company, and other offers, and we just ignore it and finally I dump it in the trash can, because we simply were not interested in any offer by mail. If want to have a magazine, I go to store and buy it. That simple. Comment about point 1: If your company has the bad habit of send information, adds, promotional materials or whatever you are use to send, and after that you want to be paid for it, I do not think this is the right way to do business, and anyone can agree with me. 2. We do not have any account number with your company. Whatsoever, if by any chance we are registered, or have have any account number with CCA, it is because you gave us one. We did not sign, or send any money or request any type of information were we show interest in any of your products. We did no received anything from you or your company. I will tell you one more time, the only thing we received was a promotional piece, and several other adds showing offers products or similar situations. We did no reply by any means to your company or show that we want to have any or some or your products. Comment for number 2: Now, if you (Betsy Wray or CCA Head of the Department in Charge) are really sure about what you told RMCB Collection Company, that we (The Loayzas) have an account with your company (CCA) and that we placed an order of 24 months membership. We want to see my signature or a copy of my check or something like a contract or any type of deal or commitment with my signature on it. If you can not show any of these, it is because all your statements are just false accusations against me and you are destroying my credit, with this collection agency, that by the way, next time check and choose a better one, because this one has a bad reputation, and a horrible fame and history with the BBB. 3. I am not going to be waisting my time with more explanations. I am expecting letters from both “companies” showing that what you ask is absolutely wrong, a mistake to collect money for free. If you do not want to fix what you started, then we need to go to the next level. Small Claims will accept any type of cases, and I hope you have enough evidence to “SHOW”. If you need to contact me this is my e-mail.

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