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these people call me every day.I told them this was a workers comp claim and gave them the info to contact them on several occasions and called the workers comp company to get this bill settled.on july 1st I was talking to capitol one regarding paying my car note and because Im on disability I had to get my daughter to okay the transaction because she is my legal gaudarian I dont know how revenue group got on my line but the never told us who they where they took the payment that was submitted to capitol one bank that caused my car to be repossed.I didnt find out that they had retrieve the payment unitl I woke on friday and my car wasgone.I called them and my credit card company and found out it was revenue group who some how process the payment.I talked to them and they stated I called them and gave them this money.I dont know how they got on my line but clearly we where talking to capitol one bank.and this transcation went thru.I asked them several times in the past to stop calling me and gave them info for the workers comp company and was told they would not contact me now my car is repossed and they wont return my funds I asked them allow me to here recording of transaction where they identified them selves as revenue group and I was told they would contact me never heard from them.I am filing a this complaint because this fraud they where not honest and took payment fraudeuently.

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