Hi, My Name is Detective John Suter of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. I have been investigating a case that was reported to my department involving a website scam. In that investigation, we have arrested a subject by the name of Chrisheen McGee. SHe had started a website called ride2freedom which she used a church’s name to sponsor the website to provide low income families vehicles for low prices. She would ask for application fee and sometimes first payment, never providing a vehicle. We have learned that there many victims of this site and several other sites that she and other subjects have started. Mrs. McGee was arrested on 9/11/2013 at 1650 hours for Computer fraud, identity theft, and monetary instrument abuse. I am asking for your assistance to in getting this scam out on your website and to find any other victims so that further charges can be placed. There has been one post on your site for ride2freedom. The other sites are 4surefunding, drive4sure, u2candrive, u2canride all .com. Thank you for all your assistance.
Detective John Suter
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office
15475 Club Deluxe Road
Hammond, La. 70403
[email protected]

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This company is a total ripoff. They take a application fee upfront and promises to help put low income people into cars. I paid a 233.00 so call contact fee to this company and never received a car. I am now in the process of trYing to get my money back after so many false promises. After google the vin number of the vehicle that I was suppose to recieve, I came upon information that the truck was a salvaged vehicle. I got email form a so called finance dept promising delivery of a vehicle with no contact info other than a email. I took company officials 4 days to contact me concerning non-delivery of the vehicle. Now Chris Malachi is saying that it will take up to 14 days for my money to be put back on my card. I use to work at a bank and I know that once a refund is processed by the company, the refund is usually back in the bank within 3-5 days. They have a so called finance dept with no contact info other than an email. they are constantly changing the application price, it went from $25, $41, $81 now to a $100. They want give you any references upon request and on top of this they are during it all in the name of God.

the website is now saying this:

Ride2Freedom offers an excellent opportunity for families and individuals

To receive cars absolutely free. Best of all, we require our participants keep our exclusive 2-year service contract covering major repairs! You are guaranteed to “KEEP MOVING”!

Pre-qualify NOW

Delivery for a vehicle takes 10-30 days!
this is the info on the new website
In preparation of our new funding source, Ride2Freedom is undergoing necessary updates and we are upgrading our phone system as well. If you need an immediate call back, please send an email to [email protected] and a representative will respond immediately.


Our relaunch date is scheduled for June 12, 2013. At that time, we will begin accepting applications. The only cost for our program is now only $100. We are excited about these wonderful changes and we look forward to helping many more people!


. I demand Full refund. Stay away

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