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ATTENTION WOMEN AND MEN – DIVORCE, SEPARATION OR BREAKUP?¬† Feel like your entire world is collapsing? Having mixed feelings? Uncertain now whether to stay or leave? This emotional rollercoaster you’re on is so exhausting. The feelings of sadness, loss and fear are overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like you can’t take any more. Maybe you feel like giving up on yourself? Or giving up on your partner? Or maybe you already have. Does all this hurt leave you with feelings of guilt, shame, fear?Finding a therapist can be overwhelming and scary. But what’s happening is not your fault. I can never change what happened, but I can be there for you to help you write your next chapter. I know how you feel- I’ve helped so many that have felt like this- and I know the tools you need and steps you can take to create your new life. And we’ll do it together. This is not easy being in this. But, I’ll give you guidance, support, and the help you need. Call me today and get your FREE 15-minute consultation.

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