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Riverside Media Group LLC aka “Green Saver Enterprises” of Boise, Idaho is a company engaged in telemarketing scams that ripoff consumers, businesses and the ex-convicts who work there. Every person that works for Ryan Moses, Melissa Wilcox and Jack Lusk is either on probation or parole. Therefore, you can assume that these fine folks are less than honorable people. If you are duped into giving them your personal information and money, you won’t have to assume, you’ll find out first hand that they are ###. Whether you are targeted by “Rachel at card holder services”, Credit Justice Services or “Spectrum Commercial Lending” you are now on their list of suckers. You cannot get removed from that list, even if you respectfully request removal. If, on the other hand, you utilize one of the many services…they WILL take your money and NOT do ANYTHING for you. They will proffer excuse after excuse as to why they need more time to process your order or complete the deal. Good luck EVER getting what was promised or getting your $$ returned. If you are offered employment by these thugs, don’t plan on getting paid…that isn’t the policy of these scoundrels. Ryan and Melissa also purport to be representatives of Timbercrest (timeshare vacation ownership) in McCall, Idaho. Some of the main telephone numbers at the company are: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]. Ryan is originally from Waterloo, Iowa and has a colorful criminal background. Steer clear of these people unless you like being fleeced.

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