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Roadie is a Bad Joke! The concept & basis of the idea is great. However, they have unprofessional people answering the phones if they answer a call at all. It takes an average of 30-40 minutes for them to pickup, they are Fraudulently presenting to U.S. consumers they have a call center when I was told 2, then 4 people answering a supoosed National Call center. They lie about what’s really going on & as a former driver this was All too feequent in their interaction. Disgraceful customer suppirt, inept, dismissive, disregarding & then they lie. Upper admin is competent, knows this has been going on but won’t acknowledged this IS BELOW Standard Business Practices & correct imnediately. That’s how much they care about customer, sender or driver interaction 30-40 minutes to even get through & then some very very young lady (usually different) picking up the phone laughing while there’s a snafu issue w the Order. This happens 8-9 times out of 10. When approaching them to address this dysfunctional part of their staff. I was retaliated by not being able to earn income as a person with Disability.This IS NOT an Ethical Company in ANY Regard. When you address an issue w them, you get the yeah, yeah, we know, we got it. Thank you but leave us alone. So what happens when the same thing occurs onbrge next order(s). You’re beginning to get the picture they don’t give a crap & I was told that at the highest kevel in the company. Real Professional? Uh? when you’re trying to give them the issues which are contributing to the error Orders. They also are not complying with Federal Wage Standards for any Error Orders which I’m certain as Uber & Door Dash will soon end up in a Class Action Suit, very, very Soon. Just another company taking advantage of its’ customers, drivers & senders. 34 million in one of their rounds of recent Funding & this comoany is too damn lazy, cheap & unethical to actually hire a Call Center. “We only have a couple of people, then 4, then we’re getting a call center ready to roll”. How about you hire the call center department before you actually Go Live to consumers, senders & drivers. Just aThought.That tells you everything you need to know about this dishonest dysfunctional company. Beware! Save yourself the BS lies, & Glotch filled app that there so honest about. If I could give rhem a negative star rating that would be the correct rating Worked for them for some time & NO ONE said or told me about an Amazon glitch causing all rhe problems & I’ve been aaking them for weeks. Straight up Liars! And the calls were recorded on both ends. Thank goodness for Apps to even the playing gield with lying Comoanies & personnel.

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