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These ### get hard off by scamming us because we see “Free Trial” and feel as if there is no strings attached. Don’t be fooled so easily, these people ripped me off so hard. I ordered this about 2 months ago and I happy to see that it arrived very fast, yet i wasn’t happy to see that after i payed my rent later that month that i had $4.01 left in my checking account, they took out $55.82 and i immediately got on the phone to cancel and get a refund, nobody answered the phone at 11:30am or 3:15pm. WHO THE HELL RUNS THIS THING?!, I went online to email them that i wanted to cancel and tried to call but nobody answered. I thought that nightmare was over, but i was wrong. I recieved the package the next day with a different name(so i would be curious and open it) only to find out that inside there was a letter than claimed i couldn’t return the first shipment and they wouldn’t accept opened packaged returns. The next day I recieved an email saying that i had sent my cancel request to the wrong email and would have to send it to this other one(whats the difference? someone got the email and my point that i wanted to cancel) so I email cancel and was immediately send to their page offering me a 1 time offer for a cheap $45.00 6 month supply. I wanted nothing more to do with the company. 2 weeks later I was billed a second time, instead of calling i went straight to my bank and filled out a “flag Transaction form” and i was instructed that the next time they attempted to take out money i would be billed a one time bill of $15.00. I left the bank feeling relieved and alot of my anger was gone knowing that i would never have to deal with them again. Wrong AGAIN, yesterday I was billed again!, they changed their name to get past my block! first it was RTNATURALS and now it ROARINGTIGER. Only scamming ### would pull a fast one like that, a respectable company would call and ask me why i no longer was interested in doing business. So As Im writing this, Im in the process with my bank to investigate this band of cyber thieves, I hope anyone who googles roaring tiger see this place first, i wish i did

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  1. Manuel Condry
    June 16, 2020

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