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If you are seeking the inner strength to make significant progress in your life and to navigate and adapt to life’s inevitable changes… I am here to guide you and support you. You are unique with a story like no other. It is in the telling of that story in a safe space to a person who is empathic and capable of receiving it, that the pain of the past can lose its hold. Things can change, repetition end and life can become richer and fuller, allowing for better relationships and greater success.My specialties include: creating better relationships, navigating life’s transitions, overcoming self limiting beliefs, recovery from heartbreak, & finding self compassion. Through Integrative Therapy & Modern Psychoanalysis, I combine the tools of emotional and spiritual growth with the understanding of the unconscious, allowing your best self to emerge.Every person has an inborn capacity for happiness and love and strength. Sometimes the truth of that gets shadowed by the difficulties we face. I am here to help you find your resilience.If you are interested in positive change in your life, please call for a free consultation today

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