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Rodeway Inn Miami is a TERRIBLE hotel! I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone! I purchased the hotel stay for my friend and her family. I visited for only an hour on Monday, October 26, 2015, at 11pm. When I sat on the bed, I immediately started itching. When I left the hotel an hour later, I felt sick. When I arrived home, I felt even sicker. Then, I noticed I had bug bites all over my legs. I woke up with a fever and chills, and there were welts all over my legs! Just as I realized there were bed bugs in that room, my friend called me to tell me there was vomit in the room! My friend reported this incident to the hotel manager, Silveria Many (spelling?), and was accused by the manager of lying. She blamed her children. But, the vomit was not new. It had been there, and was not her child’s. I then went to the hotel myself to speak with a manager before checking out on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. I spoke directly with the district manager, Milena Parades. Not only did she accuse me of lying to my face, but she also accused my friend of lying. I showed her the bed bug bites and told her I had a fever and chills. She refused to do anything about the situation. She refused to give me my money back for the HORRENDOUS experience and service! She refused to help IN ANY WAY! What happened to, “The customer’s always right”?! Both managers were incredibly RUDE. They did not help whatsoever! I told her I would speak with my lawyer in regards to this matter. She did not care. I asked for my deposit back immediately. She said she had to check the room first, even though the manager had already checked the room prior to my arrival! I waited at the front desk for an excessive amount of time. I then asked the district manager for the name of the person above her. Instead, she gave me the generic hotel card, with absolutely no personal information on it. I then asked her for her name. She was not spelling it correctly, and was not stating her last name. So, I told her to write her name for me on a card. She only wrote her first name and the manager’s first name! I had to continue asking, and the district manager was being completely uncooperative. I asked if she could write the names down neatly, and she refused to do it. So, I asked for a pen so I could write the names down myself. She threw a pen at the desk instead of handing it to me, and was giving me terrible attitude! She told me her name was “Melina Para.” That was a lie. After she left, I asked an employee at the front desk what her full name was. She wrote down, “Milena Parades.” After I received my deposit of $50, we left the hotel. But, I never received a refund! After dropping off my friend, I felt sicker and sicker. I realized I was having a horrible reaction to the bug bites, still! At approximately 1pm, on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, I checked into an urgent care clinic. I was feeling very dizzy with chills. The doctor confirmed I was having a very bad reaction to bed bug bites. He wrote a prescription for Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% External Cream, and told me to purchase Claritin. I had to miss class due to this incident, on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. It took me approximately one week to recover fully. This hotel is TERRIBLE! And it is run by very uncooperative, rude, terrible people! Do yourself a favor and contact the Miami-Dade Department of Health, the Better Business Bureau, and Choice Hotels (headquarters) if you have had similar issues! This kind of customer treatment cannot continue!

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