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I have been specializing in biofeedback for more than 20 years. If you wish to reduce stress, combat anxiety and feel more in control of your life without relying on medications, biofeedback can provide the necessary skills to be more relaxed and productive. I also have expertise in working with movement disorders from strokes, brain injury or other neurological or orthopedic problems. I provide talk therapy as well since I try to use biofeedback in an integrated mind/body approach.Biofeedback is a complementary therapeutic approach that bridges holistic and scientific orientations. We use sensors and computers to monitor your physiology and help you learn to regulate arousal and muscle tension. Biofeedback is supported by decades of research and is recommended by neurologists for the treatment of migraine headaches.I have been active in national and state professional organizations specializing in biofeedback for many years. I design my own feedback screens and use a sophisticated, state of the art system that can include your favorite musical selections as a reward for learning self regulation skills.

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