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As a clinical psychologist, people contact me for psychotherapy when experiencing emotional pain or distress, within themselves and sometimes their relationships. This pain can feel stuck and take on a life of its own, with ways of coping that no longer seem to be working. Yet the person feels ready for a change – ready to begin a process of growth and healing. Couples approach me for relationship therapy who struggle with disconnection, miscommunication, reactivity – couples stuck in negative patterns. These couples are ready for a change, ready for greater intimacy, security and connection in their most important relationship.My approach aims to deeply understand your emotional experience and relationship interactions so you can experience relief, growth and acceptance. I will affirm and validate you to create a safe environment that encourages self exploration. My style is emotionally engaged and self-disclosing of how your experience impacts me.I aim to provide a warm, non-judgmental, and responsive therapeutic relationship environment. I have specialized training in trauma/PTSD treatment, couple therapy, and work with minority populations. Research on attachment, emotion, neuroscience, and experiential approaches that focus on the here-and-now inform my approach to create meaningful change.

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