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I view relationship problems from a systemic model. Meaning that I take into account environmental factors, relationship factors, family of origin, biological, mental, and spiritual factors when creating a treatment plan. From this approach new understanding and new solutions are opened up for the relationship. Too often in our problem solving we try the same thing over and over and when it does not work we just try the same thing harder. If you find yourself stuck in that kind of negative cycle just know that you are not alone and that there is help available.I am a certified EFT therapist who specializes in working with highly distressed couples. I also specialize in helping couples recover from the effects of pornography addiction and affairs. Through my experience I have found that the most effective way to work with distressed couples is through 3 day intensives.My practice is structured in a way to help couples make progress quickly and effectively. During a 3 day intensive couples can accomplish the same gains that normally take 15 to 20 sessions. I also offer 1 and 2 day intensives as well. Please visit my website for more information.

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