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Problems with your Pharmacy Staff located inside the Safeway Pharmacy located at the Dover, Delaware Store, every since the original Pharmacy Staff has retired and you replaced them with ACME employee”s pharmacy staff I have had nothing but problems, with my medication not being available, every 28 days I have my doctor”s visit and go directly from his office to the pharmacy with script in hand and they after 19 years faithfully with this pharmacy like clockwork, now, they are not caring about my medications being available, they have even laughed at the situation and they have given me 4 different excuses and now they it should be in on Tuesday October 2, 2018 but no guarantee and my insurance has already approved and paid for this medication. So, I go to my doctor every 28 days and same time, script in hand, and straight to the pharmacy from his office, same routine for 19 years and now since the original pharmacy staff is no longer there and have been replaced by ACME pharmacy staff we have problems and so I have been without my medication since September 27, 2018 Thursday and can only hope it”s here October 2, 2018 Tuesday. I was told on the 27 it would arrive and be ready that afternoon, only to find it was not, then on Friday 28 they said they where filling it as I was on the telephone with them, hung up ready to drive in to Dover and the phone rings, answer the call, pharmacy, your medication is not here and we hope it will be here Tuesday October 2, but can not promise, your one staff member even laughed about the situation, these medication is pain medication, I have had 3 surgeries, C6 C7 S 1 L 5 S1 L 4 so, now I have been without my medication since September 27 2018 Thursday until who knows when, I am a customer of 19 years and only since these new people have been employed I have medication issues and I live 20 miles from Dover, Delaware RoseMarie Spouse for William B. McCalister [protected] under pain management doctor and on pain management medication paid for by Workers Compensation, Approved by Workers Compensation since 2001

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