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***ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS***SOUTH TAMPA*** Are you successful in one area of your life, but not another? This is quite common. A person may be successful at work, but struggling in another area of their life (maybe substance abuse, relationship issues). If you relate, you’re probably wondering if therapy can help. You’re not alone. I’m a collaborative listener whose goal is to help you find your own voice and talk comfortably about what matters to you. Therapy may help deal with a crisis, or to modify patterns that may hinder your pleasure and success in work, love, or play.In addition to successful experience treating anxiety, depression, bipolar, and normal life transitions, I specialize in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders and working with people in recovery. I have training working with survivors of sexual assault, alcoholism, and childhood trauma; and I am Twelve Step friendly.I bring to our work my life experience, my knowledge of human behavior, of parenting, culture, religion, biology, and my belief that each of us seeks to make meaning of our lives. I work best with highly motivated individuals who are ready to commit to therapy. I welcome your interest.

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