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Sammy came to realize his desire to help those in need while dealing with his own bout with Anxiety and Depression. Unable to understand what was happening to him during his freshman year in college, his determination and yearning to gain information about his disorder led him to begin his education in Psychology. He remembers the feelings and emotions surrounding those difficult moments and has devoted himself to helping others escape those painful situations. Sammy has been in the field since 2005, doing 8 years of case management with a prominent provider in South Florida.At Inner Connections Therapeutic Services, LLC, we use a personalized approach, within the scope of our qualifications, to help you reach your highest potential. Through the use of genuine understanding and active collaboration, we strive to provide you with clarity towards your treatment process.Our vision at Inner Connections Therapeutic Services, LLC is to provide our community with a genuine, compassionate, and transparent relationship as it pertains to their therapeutic services. Just as the body needs to heal, at times so does the mind. As we grow we should strive to never lose sight of our mission.

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