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While on the way home, a large piece of someone’s tire flew under my husband’s truck, ripping away the hose connected to the gas tank. Since my husband has Parkinson’s, he decided that it would be best to take the truck in to a local Ford dealer to have the hose replaced. After calling the service center at Santa Margarita Ford, we took the truck in and once again explained what happened and stated that the hose needed to be replaced. After several hours, my husband called to find out if it was ready. He was told that the service guys could not find a problem with the truck. Once again, my husband told the story of what happened and said that all he needed was a new hose. After several more hours, we finally got a call that it was ready. Despite the fact that no one ever call us to get cost approval, the service department charged him over $220 for fixing the hose. This is ridiculous, especially since my husband is the one who identified the problem, and they tried to tell us nothing was wrong. To make matters worse, it looks like the hose was never replaced. Instead, it appears that all they did was put on a new hose clamp. The receipt does not show the cost of any parts, and the service department receptionist could not explain the cost, other than labor. We feel that the small amount of work and absence of new parts absolutely does not justify the cost. We tried to contact the service manager, but the she had already gone home. We were told that the service manager would call us on Monday.

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