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The toughest step to take is to simply acknowledge when things become overwhelming or difficult to manage alone. For many people, there is tremendous benefit from psychotherapeutic treatment. I currently provide psychotherapy for adults and couples experiencing a wide range of difficulties. If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, troubles w/ interpersonal relationships, gaining a work-life balance, history of trauma or abuse, grief/loss of a loved one, life transitions such as acculturation, job change or retirement, or other emotional or behavioral issues, you may find my therapy helpful.I treat adults, children, and families of diverse backgrounds. I also incorporate a multicultural perspective in working with immigrant families struggling with adjustment & coping. I work to provide a respectful environment for individuals of all ages, sexual orientation, and cultural/spiritual belief systems and practices by using a collaborative approach.I offer an environment where you are greeted and supported with compassion, empathy & non-judgment, for you to grow and make the changes you need for a healthier and more productive life; comfortable for you to talk openly and in a reflective way to help you find relief and clarity, recognizing your inherent strengths and capacity for meaningful change.

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