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Do you want to stop using substances? Suffer from addiction or eating disorder? Feel trapped, stuck, numb, or like nobody “really gets it”? or simply exhausted? Green Goals would love to help: A safe, non-judgmental yet professional therapy practice in the heart of Tampa, FL with a laid back and relatable vibe. Feelings are hard! When we try to stop using substances; exit an unhealthy relationship; mediate stressful job demands; set boundaries in a dysfunctional family, feelings tend to bounce everywhere at the most inopportune times – WHY? because we have stuffed them down and maybe our sense of self for so very long.Although it has helped us cope during our trials, this place can cause pain, anger, exhaustion, and perpetuate the cycle of substance use & disordered eating. With a trusting therapeutic relationship, encouragement, and a new set of skills we can support you on this road to recovery; everyday discovering #AGreenGoal #YouGotThis.Collectively, Sarah has 10 years experience as a Child Protective Service Investigator, Public Defender Therapist, & Acute Care Baker-Act Specialist. She is a USF PhD Candidate; Graduate Teaching Associate; & TR Peer Mentor with specializations in substance abuse/ addiction; translational research; and tobacco cessation. *Sliding scales available.

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