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Do fear and worry prevent you from living life the way you want?Are you always imagining the worst-case scenario?Are you afraid to try new things, or go to new places?Have you been feeling “stuck” in old, upsetting memories, feeling anxious, down or depressed?Have addictive behaviors become a problem for you? If so, you are not alone. You are one of millions of Americans struggling with these issues, and treating them is my specialty. As a licensed counselor and trained practitioner of EMDR, hypnosis and NLP, I can help you change your experience and behavior to lead a more fulfilling life.My approach to treatment is holistic, engaging your mind and body to affect the most positive change. I provide you a safe, supportive space to address your issues, clear away the impact of past events, and build your emotional toolbox in order to live your most fulfilling life. I am also a qualified clinical supervisor.Whatever your concerns, there is a way to move beyond them, and often without medication. And it doesn’t have to take a long time. We can change your experience, change your behavior, and help you move forward positively with your life. Please call or e-mail for your free phone consultation.

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