Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC]

Saudi Telecommunications Company [STC] Review

Respected readers my Mobile number is [protected], i have complaint with STC network, i tried to switch my One Time Password to another Network Number for that i reached to the bank Authorities and changed the STC Number to ZAIN Network, Alrajhi Authorities change my number to Zain Network, after change of number by concerned authorities i received One Time Password, but my problem is that Zain number is Not on my Aqama, then once again i changed my mobile to STC, Again i am not Receiving One Time Password, i tired to contact STC Department but the says that, the problem is with AL RAJHI BANK, But finally i got that the problem is With STC, The crazy People doesn’t want to solve my issue but they continuously blame BANK. this issue Should be solved and i should received OTP by STC number.

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