I am writing to complain because sbtpg is withholding my tax refund. My direct deposit date was initially 2/10/2016. When my funds were not deposited on that day it prompted me to check back with the site. The site then told me that my identity had to be verified. I called in on Thursday (2/11/16) and the automated system told me that my bank had rejected the transaction; I waited to speak with a representative to get instructions for rectification. I took the steps for verification as told and sent in my drivers license the same business day (2/11/2016). I was advised it would take 2 business days. In the meantime I called my bank to see why they rejected the refund, they had no such record of any deposit attempted. So this morning (2/15/16)after checking the site it told me that my account still had not been verified. The message on the site prompted me to call because I know I did my due diligence in preventing this sort of action, for the second time. On the second call to the company I was greeted by an agitated, interrupting, uninterested, and impatient representative who made me repeat myself at least twice on every question. (I have a southern accent, but gosh!) He was rude but he gave me answers, as far as how true and accurate these answers were was another story. The representative went on to explain to me how I would receive my refund. He told me that the verification process takes 5 business days (longer than the site falsely led me to believe), he then told me it would be another 5 business days before a check would be mailed to me, and another 5 business days for mailing: an expected refund check arrival for 3/5/16. I asked the representative could I have the money deposited into my account since that was what I paying for-the answer was a flat “no”. I filed my taxes on 1/25/16 and I may not get them back for 6 weeks–I could have gone snail mail if I’d want that sort of turn-around-time. The representative I spoke with today let me know that he only works there and there’s nothing he can do about it. I could have filed my taxes by paper for FREE but I choose this route because the last 5 years I have done this seamlessly with no hiccups, but this year, it’s turning into a nightmare. I make very little money, work long hours, full time student, full time single parent, and very stressed out about this situation. Where I spend my money I spend it wisely because I know I have many responsibilities. This was a waist of my money this year and am requesting all of my money back for this service.. I demand Full Refund. Use with caution

  • #Brian Hall
  • #Scott Cook

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