Scam by 720-361-1453

Scam by 720-361-1453

they call me and leave me a message telling that i owned them $8,000 & if i didn’t pay the money they will tell it to the court and sheriff will pick me up at my work. so i get scared i asked them if i can do a monthly payment for the money that i owned them and they said just pay $498.46 and i fully paid. they give half an hour to pay this bill and they want the money in green dot card. so i want to my bank and get $500 and went to walgreens to get green dot card. then after that they told me that they gonna send me a receipt and documents that say it was fully paid. then i check the number on google and it was a scam so i called them back it was busy two times i called them. the third on it ring and they answer the phone. then i said i want my money back because it was a scam they keep telling who i am and i repeatedly saying my name to them. and they want me to pay $500 more so they can put $1,000 on my green dot card. i said no because i know it was a scam but they keep me holding on the phone. i kept telling them i call police and trace them but they don’t listen. i just want my money back because i need it for my bill.. I demand money back. I don’t recommend them

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All these baba, molvi and tantriks are fake and money extracting machine. I”m from Bangladesh, till now I”ve paid almost 20

They are a scam, they are not doing what they advertise, they are stating they are an affiliate of but Amazon, says they are,

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