Scam using AutoTrader and Ebay

Scam using AutoTrader and Ebay

On October 14, 2013, I was looking for a used truck and found one in auto trader which directed me to Ebay. I called and email the private seller. The email used is [email protected] and claims he work in Quatico, VA and resides in Wacaunda, IL, Send a $2.000 via Western Union last October 16, 2013. Called ebay since no truck and no more emails received after payment last Oct. 16th 2013. After talking to Ebay customer service and did track some information. Ebay found out that the truck was listed and sold last June of 2012. The money was wired via Western Union and received by William Towers of 2728 Sapphire Ct. Fort Wayne Indiana, 46818. I demand Want my money back and watch out for scammers think twice if it looks too good to be true think twice and check if its legitimate. Use with caution

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