Scam using

Scam using

I received a text message on 5/22/14 for a job interview by text. I am new to NY so I though that this was part of the Work from home protocol. I spoke to a “Jeff Carpenter”, I have the whole conversation still on my text messages if need be, and he proposed to make an interview through yahoo! messenger. I told him that I was in the hospital with my mother and I could not do the interview at the moment. He insisted to do it partially on text and that the next day we could continue in the internet.
He said he was from PPG Corporation Inc and that he had received my resume though I had applied to this place which happens to be a paint company. I applied for customer service through so I though it was real at first.
He asked me basic questions but then I grew a bit suspicious and looked up the name. In my searches it appeared that he was a Chemist from this company and then it started making me a bit more suspicious but I kept on because I need a job really bad and I am not familiar with the protocol of NY for looking for jobs. He told me about the benefits and the pay. He said the pay would be 24.75 and the training 15.00 the hour. He asked for my address, full name and phone number, all of which I provided. But then he asked me how I would like to be paid, check or direct deposit and if I wanted weekly or bi-weekly. I didn’t trust this so I told him I didn’t have a bank account that if it was possible to receive it by check, bi-weekly and if I could change it to direct deposit when I got one. The text changed a but and he texted “Okay…” Which is not professional, but he agreed to send me the check by mail and never answered the question if I was able to change it after getting and account to direct deposit.

We agreed upon me receiving my “pay” by mail and to continue the interview through messenger. I woke up today 5/23/14 early for my “interview” and he didn’t ask me anything, he elaborated on the benefits which included 401k and health, amongst others; it sounded great. The first thing that got me off was that he didn’t answer my question when I asked him if the training would be online or in their training facility. Then he told me that I would be paid weekly through direct deposit when I had told him I wanted to be paid bi-weekly and by mailed check. He told me that they were going to pay for the software and the equipment but I had to purchase a program to calculate my worked hours for $352. I told him tat I couldn’t cause that was why I was looking for a job, cause I am broke. So he sounded ticked and used the “…” in the whole paragraph. He told me they would pay for it but that they would deduct it from my first pay check. I was grateful as I have been looking for a job for a while so he told me that he was going to send a check to cover the expenses and that I had to open a bank account as soon as I received it and deposit it, to let him know when that was done. He gave me a tracking number and the link. I went there and I saw that the check had been sent priority mail and that it had been sent the day before. He said that he had sent it today 5/23/14 and that it was going to be arriving today. I confronted him with the info on and he answered in a commanding way telling me that it would arrive today and to report when the check arrived for more instructions; that’s when I got worried. But then I decide to do more research and I found that the phone number he was using for the text message had been used in other occasions for similar scams and that they always offer the same benefits and pay.

The check arrive at around noon, we had spoken at 9am and when i opened the envelope I found a check with two different amounts in the number area overlapping each other and then a different amount in the written area. The date was off and the paper does not have any security watermarks. The paper doesn’t feel like any check I seen before either.
He texted me three times already about the check telling me to connect to yahoo and I have not done so. I don’t know what to do with this fake check though.. I demand Nothing, just to spread the word and stop these people fi possible. Stay away

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