Secure Title Service, Inc.

Secure Title Service, Inc.

Originally, I had advertised my Florida timeshare for sale via a marketing company in Orlando. Sara M Roberts (agent & representing was in receipt of my contract number and my personal contact info from this Marketing group. Furthermore, she brokers many owners timeshare transfers after buyers are conveyed to her by this company. She called me by phone and stated that she had an interested buyer “Paul Turner” referred to her by my Orlando advertisement company “Global Resort Mgmt” (now out of business). She provided me with references such as their business registration with and a few other references. Sara’s number (602-573-1060) was reachable for a few months during the period of this purchase transition (March and April 2013), but thereafter my home number was blocked and not authorized to access this number.
In the initial stages, I figured they were a legitimate title company, whose sole existence relied on untarnished reputation, honesty and impeccable integrity. She required a cashier check and was instructive for me to certify and record copies of it for my own records. The cashier check for $1850 and signed contract was delivered and signed by “Burt” on March 11, 2013 at their 2753 E Broadway (Ste 101-201) Meza, AZ address. During the next 45 days, I was able to reach Sara Roberts direct line and told my sale was being processed and that I could expect to have a check $19000 delivered by registered courier at the end of May 2013 (final date to be determined). This never occurred!

They advertise to this day on the web, although when anyone calls their only contact# 602-570-5135 (listed on web page), it plays back a busy signal at their Meza, AZ office.

As stated before they are still listed out there on the web with,, and of course, their own web page is still intact to advertise their “secure title services”, though its nothing but a front page with hot links that go no where. The business doesn’t exist to return emails or receive business calls.

I traced Sara M Roberts phone number (still active and subscribed to) by the alias “Salley R. Carley in Tucson, Az (age 71), which is the same age as Sara M. Roberts, that I was linked up with for about 40 days before I was placed on their blocked number listing. The other (2) numbers listed with this person of interest is 602-573-1060 (573-0160 – note the reversal of the 0160 – 1060) and 520-573-0999.
So, I would think that this business working interstate transactions would be considered a criminal case for both my state’s and AZ US Attorneys to look into.
I’m hoping they will follow my suggestion of calling out of state phone ANI(s) and getting a list of ripped of clients that would testify to the SCAM if requested to do so. Also, I feel that Sara Roberts has probably avoided IRS tax returns at her age as she is likely depositing her share of the scam revenues with a family member or in an overseas account.

Names used: Sara M Roberts, Sherwin Wright
Phone used: 602-570-5135. I demand Full refund and for Secure Title Service and Sara Roberts to be listed as a SCAM and shutdown by AZ US Attorney.. Stay away

  • #Donna|Sara M Roberts
  • #Sherwin Wright

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