Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers Complaint

After taking the job for in home care for my mother, Senior Helpers did not show up 7 times. They did not call and let anyone know that they were not going to show up, just did not show up. This is really tough when a family is relying on help for their loved ones. They sent inferior staffing just to cover shifts. Most of the “helpers” were unable to complete the tasks required and admitted so. One of the staff members called my brother threatening to “beat our ###” because I called to complain that family members had to do the work while senior helpers staff stood and watched. I tried many, many times to contact the owner Bob Hoorman and he would not come to the phone and has never called me back. When calling the corporate office, no one calls back. I called the regional manager for 3 weeks and he does not call back because “he travels.” Upon calling his boss over franchises she will tell you that “you have 5 minutes.” And then you finally make it to the CEO and he can”t figure out why you are calling. He did call the case manager and he was bewildered as to why I keep calling the corporate office. The bottom line is to research before choosing a home healthcare company to take care of your loved ones. At first I thought this was the local office that lacked care of how they performed, but upon going up the chain it is clear that this lack of care is a trickle down from the top. If someone can”t understand why you are upset that no one shows up to care for your loved one or that someone calls telling you that they are going to beat your ###… if they can”t figure that out then you have the wrong company to trust.

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