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Stuck. Disconnected. Loneliness. Unhappy. These are some of words that have been used to describe a feeling from deep within. Many times, the words just don’t come. Whether you feel stuck in your relationship, are a parent who is worn-out and is about to give up, or a teenager who feels misunderstood, this is a painful place to be. This is the place of sadness and helplessness. When at that place, many people either don’t have a direction to go or have already exhausted all attempts they feel they can. But help is out there.Working in a safe and comfortable environment, together we work to get you back on your feet. Through specialized techniques, I help you understand you and why you may feel stuck. We will work through anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem, that can get in the way of your relationships and overall well-being.I can help guide you, using your strengths, to get you where you want to go. I love working with my clients and believe a therapist should be warm and friendly in addition to being caring, compassionate and comfortable. I look forward to tackling life’s challenges together.

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