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Shamanic Extracts is not suspicious company. I am a long time customer of Shamanic Extracts and I have never been ripped-off by this company and the rip-off that have been made seem to be the work of their compatition trying to lure people away from what is an otherwise trustworthy buisness. I personally use their company a few times a month and have allways recieved a quality product and in a timely mannor with the exception of the past few months as they were having server issues and my support tickets were not being responded to so I contacted them directly via phone and they assured me that the server problems were being fixed as we spoke so they tracked my missing parcel and I recieved it two days later and that was the only time I had ever had any trouble getting my order. I have also recently used their support desk and it seems to be working fine now and every support ticket has been replied to in a professional mannor. So as far as I can tell their server issues were genuine and unavoidable but them getting it fixed so we could continue to do buisness is all I cared about. I also wanted to comment to the guy from Isreal who bought powdered iboga root…The powdered iboga root by nature is a very week substance you should have bought some Iboga Root Bark now that is some VERY POWEREFULL STUFF and I promise you would have been very satisfied with it. I just wanted the world to know that Shamanic Extracts is not a rip-off site they are a good, honest, and trustworthy buisness to buy ethnobotanicals and they are the only place in the world my friends and I do buisness with. and they do care for their customers on an individual basis and they will do their best to get you a quality product as quickly a possible and that is why I write this report because I have read alot of lies on this Rip-Off site concerning Shamanic Extracts and all I know is that is not how I have been treated and I do not believe that they treated any other customer in the ways that these other people have portraied them to be. I nor anyone I know that does buisness with Shamanic Extracts have ever been ripped-off by them and I know from past experiance that they do not rip people off.

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  1. Larae Verderosa
    June 16, 2020

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