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Report Filed: Sharp Electronics Corporation Sharp USA Faulty LC45GX6U LCD TV Romeoville, Illinois!!

Do not do business with Sharp Electronics Corporation. They sell faulty equipment and will not do right by their customers. I have been lied to, cheated and had over $7,500 stolen from me by them. Three years ago I purchased their $7,500 LC45GX6U Sharp Aquos LCD TV and on the very first day the AVC box did not work. My tv screen was pink and white with no video or audio. Sharp sent me out a replacement box which again broke a year an half later. They sent me out another AVC box which still didnt work so they sent me another which still didnt work again. They sent out a technician who said it was a bad engine in the TV which there has been many reports about but Sharp never did a recall per the law. Sharp also falsely advertised the LC45GX6U as being 1080p which was the first tv to produce this and I also bought it because it was silver to match my bedroom furniture. Unfortunately, they did not state in their advertising that the 1080p can only be used by plugging it in directly to the back of the tv as a monitor only which means you cannot use all the other functions such as tv and etc. They never had an aterik or anything that mentioned this in their advertising. Sharp said they would send me out a replacement tv LC46E77UN but I asked Donna Rice who is a product specialist manager if Sharp made a silver tv to match my bedroom furniture because that is one of the reason why I bought it and she said they did not. I later found out that Sharp does in fact make a silver tv the Sharp Aquos limited edition 52 XS1U so I was lied to by her. I found out the LC46E77UN was a cheap replacement and was told by the delivery installation people that they replace the LC45GX6U a lot with this tv because of the defects. This to me is a scam by Sharp to steal over $7,500 from all the customers who purchased the more expensive tv knowing that it had a bad engine and AVC boxes and then replace them with a cheaper model not even of the same quality without doing a recall per the law. The LC46E77UN I received a cheap replacement which I have only had for 3 months now has a bad HDMI port which does not work. When I turn my tv on it will not display sound or video and I have to turn it off each time and unplug the cables and then plug them back in. This is ridiculous and just shows that Sharp is putting bad tv’s on the market with poor quality parts and do nothing about to make it right by the customer. When I spoke to Will Puckett with Sharp who is a product specialist he told me that the LC46E77UN was not even a comparable model to replace the LC45GX6U which added insult to injury. Of course after I threatended to sue Sharp and put it in writing he called me back and recanted his statement saying he meant it was within specs (46″

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