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Dr. Shawn Stanton is a licensed Psychotherapist who knows getting to the root of the issue is usually the best option. Though some clients are not yet equipped to deal with the emotions that go along with the root issue. Dr. Stanton uses research driven candid, direct, and genuine conversation to ease the client into a painless and successful treatment process that not only explores the root issue but also enhances the clients inherent sense of resilience. Additionally this candid, direct, and genuine process allows the client to enjoy a more ‘real’ treatment experience where unpleasant emotions are left at the door. Research suggests that a client’s issue’s can be resolved within six clinical sessions. If a client is ready to change then success can be achieved in a short time. Dr. Stanton mixes coping and stress management strategies to assist clients reach an emotional baseline in order for a deeper and expedited exploration into the self to occur. With close to two decades of practice, Dr Stanton excels in original curriculum focused at root issues involving self-esteem, communications, and setting healthy boundaries. His use of traditional practices, interwoven with up-to-date empirically driven methods, results in an Existential therapeutic endeavor benefiting the client and those close to them.

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