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I am a psychiatrist with broad training and experience in providing both psychotherapy as well as prescribing medication when appropriate I believe in taking the time necessary to get to know my patients, and not rush them through the “fifteen minute med check” I specialize in assisting motivated individuals to make lasting positive changes in their lives, even in just a few sessions The philosophy behind The Center for Personal Growth is that we each have with in ourselves the capacity to achieve our dreams and goalsThis capacity is often not realized due to self-imposed limitations or ways of viewing ourselves and our relationships, which are rooted in childhood My work focuses on recognizing and changing these patterns, to free up our potential for living fulfilling, happy livesI also serve as the Medical Director at the Renfrew Center of Florida, and have had much experience working with girls and women who are struggling with eating disorders, as well as other behavioral addictions I will help you recognize and change destructive living habits, to achieve well-being

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